EgaScalp Hair Oil

EgaScalp Hair Oil - A Single solution for all hair problems

We offer you different hair care solutions for mild, moderate and severe problems.


Egascalp mild to moderate and moderate to severe hair care problem. Egascalp care hair roots, growth and scalp.

Hair care aqua for moderate to severe and concentrate powder the nourishing concentrate for severe hair fall.

Egascalp hair tonic oil base

Nourishing the hair roots and restore the health of the strands

  • Promotes hair growth and protect from hair fall
  • Keeps the hair shining.
  • Moisturises dry scalp.
  • Apply with fingertips at the hair roots profusely half an hour before bath.(once daily)
  • Apply half an hour before bath for best result.
  • Best to mild to moderate hair care problems

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