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Muralya Ghee is made from the finest quality cow milk, sourced from Muralya’s own farms and farmers and is the first choice of many households in Kerala. Rich in nutrients and having a distinctly rich golden colour and a sweet aroma that evokes memories of a bygone era, Muralya Ghee is preferred for its quality and the taste it imparts to the dishes.

Be it the crispy dosas or sweet Payasams, Muralya Ghee lends the perfect aroma and richness that makes your taste buds go wow. The fine texture along with the golden yellow colour adds an air of superiority to Muralya Ghee. Along with all these qualities come the nutritional benefits of Muralya Ghee. Rich in a wide range of Vitamins including Vitamin A, C, D and K, Muralya Ghee helps combat obesity and helps improve your health on the whole.

As part of the production protocol, the highest safety checks are maintained by Muralya following all international production standards, making sure that you have the best ghee for all your needs.Made from Muralya Milk, that is untouched by hand, Muralya Ghee is safe and loved by all.

Muralya Ghee is available online in 50, 100, 200 and 500 ml bottles at 

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